Mercedes Lease Turn In

Apologies for basic questions, tried searching for answers on the forum with no luck. Turning in my first ever leased C300 on January 7th. A few really basic questions:

  1. Do I have to turn it in at the same dealership I leased it? I’m 2 hours away and have closer dealerships.
  2. Can I turn it on a few days early? Can’t take full Thursday off, so would most likely return it on Sunday before.
  3. What are the charges for turning it in late, let’s say 2 days? Would they prorate it?
  4. Any other advise once I turn it in? Take pictures/video of the vehicle upon turning it in? Get some sort of paperwork from them acknowledging that it is returned with no damages/estimate? Wait to cancel my insurance until I receive final paperwork?

You can turn it in to any mb dealer, although not all may accept it.

You can turn it in early.

Get a pre-turn in inspection done. They should have provided info for how to do this

You can return it anywhere but I recommend if you plan on getting a new MB and have the dealership take the old lease (I’m doing that with my E class when I get my GLE). Before you return it, take pictures of everything so that way if they try to charge you for something by mistake you have proof, including the odometer so you have the exact mileage you returned it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I already got my pre-inspection done by AutoVin. The only thing that they marked down was a surface scratch on a bumper that I wiped off with a swipe of a finger. I already have an Etron, so don’t need another lease. I’ll be sure to take pictures of everything

Off the topic. Have You check if You have equity on this car by getting free quote from Vroom, Carvana, Carmax etc?

Very unlikely with MBFS, but one can see!