Mercedes Lease Support for 2022 models?

When does Mercedes end lease support for 2022 models?

Still tough to hack anything worthwhile, but going to take a shot at an S class.

20% off is likely a unicorn but maybe possible for high mileage demo with a backstory. 12-15% should be doable. Should have support through January but could be wrong. No loyalty or rebates, not even penfed. Maybe sams club has a $500 gift card offer but you need to look.


Thanks. Kind of settled on this model as it looks like there is a fair enough amount of inventory and someone somewhere is desperate to get a 2022 off the lot. If I was more patient, I’d wait 12 months and try to hack the 7 series, no hacks at all on those. Like the refresh.

If you get a good deal the 24 and 36 mo payment will be around the same. do 24 months and be just in time for the i7 giveaways. If not benz does 6 month extensions.

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Thanks for the advice, starting the grind tomorrow.

I just got of of the S Class and jumped into an BMW I7. Unless you plan on keeping the car for the entire lease don’t get it. The value of this car has dropped bad. I paid $135k. Only got $95k on a trade in.

It’s a great car though. Alot of great deals but they’re in the Los Angeles market.


This is exactly why I’m looking to hack this car. Someone somewhere is desperate to get a 2022 off the lot, my job is finding this dealer. If I can find 24 months, as senwia notes, the 7 giveaways will be happening then.

I found a very hackable S class not sure if it was still available.

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What was the sticker, discount, location, monthly if you don’t mind sharing? Just looking for baselines here. To me, feels like a 2022 S is something that could provide a decent hack in this environment.


It depends. It was a loaner.

Went with my wife to test drive it just to see if we liked it, guy gives me a quote on a 22 with a sticker of $120 of $2160 a month. After I finished laughing at him, I told him I’d get the car for half of that.

Deals are on the S500 not S580. The S500 has a much lower money factor and higher residual. Mercedes will make you pay for the V8 on lease.

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2% rule… as dealers have FOLP.

Agree. The 2022 S500 is where it’s at right now. They are also offering flex terms using the 24 month residual on a 27 month term or 36 month residual on 39 months, making the numbers look pretty attractive if you can negotiate a decent discount. Where I am, I rarely see S500’s but see a ton of S580’s. I have a feeling the I6 is a flop which is why there is a push to move them, but I haven’t driven one so idk.

Flex terms tell me more how does that work?

36 month residual and 39 months are the same
24 month residual and 27 months are the same


I’ve seen new ‘22 s580 s classes at invoice, just for a data point for ya

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RV on the S580 is 7-8% lower than the S500, makes it very difficult for a worthwhile hack on that trim, but appreciate it.

Also, the S500 doesn’t come with rear climate control, a HUD, or massage seats. Pretty surprising for a $120k car.

Is that true? I could have sworn I’ve seen some optioned with HUD. Also I’ve seen some that had the multi contour seat credit on the build sheets because of parts availability but most of the newer builds have them standard.