Mercedes’ lease scenario..what would you do?

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I have a 2020 C300 AMG 4 Door (50k msrp) with about 9k miles on it. My lease is up October 2023.

I asked this same question several months ago, but my objective is to get an SUV if the market has evolved from complete trash to reasonable …

Long story short , lease buyouts can no longer happen through carvana , vroom , etc right for Mercedes’ right? Are there any options to offload the lease for profit? Buyout at this point is 35k and paying 505 a month.

Seeking advice from the gang on if it makes sense to hold or sell …

Replace “Honda” for “Mercedes” and there’s your answer.

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went the other way, it’s trash right now and expecting getting worse.

Here’s my thoughts:

I don’t think you have much equity if your buyout is $35k but maybe a small amount. The best way to get this is to try a few Mercedes dealers in your region, someone will want the vehicle. Another option would be to try out equity hacker here. I really don’t think you’d make money if you paid it off, waited for the title and sold to carmax/carvana.

I don’t think leases on SUV’s (not mercedes-benz that is for sure) are getting better right now. The residuals are staying the same or dropping and money factor is going up. Incentives don’t seem to be coming back right now.

Hold 202020

Try AutoNation. They have Mercedes franchises and any AutoNation location can buyout the Mercedes’. They just run it through a different store.

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Two years ago I traded in a Mercedes lease on another Mercedes. This is your best option. Get on the list to order a new 23 GLC, and trade in your C300 when it arrives. Since your mileage is so low you should have $5k of equity or so which will ease the pain on the MSRP+ on the GLC.

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