Mercedes Lease not adding up on the calculator. Did I get hosed?

Leased a Mercedes GLS but I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong on the calculator/if I got hosed on the deal.

Vehicle MSRP: $89,905
MF: .00220 (What I was told by them) before MSD’S
Residual: 57%
MSD: 10 - $10,500 brought money factor to around .00150
I put down $3,000 Cash so $13,500 out of pocket CASH
I had equity in my trade which they applied: $13,764.58
Acq Fee: $1095
Some BS Warranty they added for $995 which I know is a scam but it is what it is

When I input these numbers into the calculator I’m getting totally different required down payments and different monthly payments. Either I’m doing something wrong or the dealer played with the numbers somewhere. Can anyone help?


We cant help you find the error in your calculator if you don’t post it.

Also, you need to adjust your calc to match the due at sale if you want to compare monthly payments. There isnt a “correct” answer for how much is due at sale.

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you put 3k down and applied 13k of trade equity?

Correct, 3K out of pocket and the equity was $13,764.

Cancel it.

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I think I may have found the issue. For the selling price in the calculator I was putting in the gross capitalized cost not the adjusted capitalized cost. Take a look at this CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Can I? Lol I would love to

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Neither of those are correct.

The selling price should be the “agreed upon value” in 6a.


The warranty is for key replacement and paint damage repair. I will look into cancelling tomorrow

Wouldn’t have been smarter to finance this car instead of leasing?

Should never have applied your equity like this.


When I do that the calculator is all wonky with numbers. Hence why I don’t get what I’m doing wrong

Why? How else could it have been applied

The only way your numbers add up is if you put $13,500 in equity + $3,000 out of pocket…


Your calculator shows thousands of dollars more due at sale than the lease

Das should be set to $16765, not $16500, but this is the main issue here

Calculators always off by a few bucks anyways

Now I’m super confused