Mercedes GLE 350 - What's a good target?

What’s a good target off MSRP and monthly payment traditional for this car?

Don’t know which trim you are looking at - base, 4Matic, AMG, etc…

Pretty much NADA says about 10% off MSRP is a good place to start.

Actually, have similar question but also I have been advised on a loaner vehicle with original MSRP of $60k,
the car went in service 12/29/2017 and has 2,900 miles on it. Offered price was $53,000 which seems to me like high. How much better could I potentially do ?

20% off for a loaner is a good and reasonable place to start

Hi, I have the similar dilemma. Leasing base 2018 GLE MSRP 60400 in NYC, if i’m looking to have taxes rolled in payment and pay only bank fee and first month. What would be the good deal for 10 K/ 36 month. Thanks

Thanks. Unfortunately dealer doesn’t even want to touch 15% off this price which would be probably still a stretch for me but I could seem myself doing it. I guess I have to move on from this vehicle then.

Any recommendations for NJ or nearby MB dealers that are more accommodating ?

Try contacting Kimberly from Mercedes Benz Of Wilkes Barre, PA. I got my sedan from them and they gave me a 10-11% discount before fleet.

How much is fleet? I am looking at GLE350 too.

i havent seen any GLE350 as a loaner at all, i’d love to find one

Penfed fleet discount is $1500 for the GLE350 (see the below screenshot). If you have the United airlines silver membership, it is $1k

Don’t have penfed. How do I find out what company/ organizations are included in the fleet program? How much discount for merck CU or AMA? Thanks

No idea about merck CU. For AMA, it is same as Penfed: