Mercedes G550 leasing

I know the G-class is traditionally about the worst car to lease, but does anyone have any leads on how to get a decent MF and realistic residual on these? Looking for a 2019 G550, flexible on options / colors.

Incidentally they are about 25K USD less in Canada due to lack of tariffs, so wasn’t sure if there were any hacks to leasing there (e.g. Vancouver), and driving back home to California.

RV is set by the captive so there’s nothing to negotiate. Unless the Mf is marked up, there’s no negotiation there either.

Don’t think this is possible without having warranty repairs done in Canada. MB Canada is a different corporate arm than MB US. Not to mention due to it being a lease, MB Canada may not even allow it.

You also have to make sure the car meets or exceeds US safety and emissions requirements, which is not a slam dunk. You’d also owe some sort of duty on it when driving it across.