Mercedes Fleet Employee discount question

Is this page correct? It seems like im qualified for fleet employee discount but doesn’t know where this incentives go.

Based on forum reserch, someone said it will be residualized.

E.g. c300 incentive is $2,000, do I get $2,000 additional discount? Or $2,000 will be residualized?

Do you have the 2017 model line up ?

I don’t think there are fleet incentives on 2017s any more.

No fleet discounts for 2017s for Aug

Thanks for confirming…

Do I have to get the CAN from HR of my company to apply on the MB fleet website?

All Mercedes Benz dealers have this list of CAN numbers and they can apply for you. You tell them you work for XYZ and show them a business card/paystub/badge and you fillout a form and you get teh discount.

You can also email the contact email at MB fleet which should be on their website to get the control number and the pin request form. From there you can simply email them proof that you work at your company and they will send you the completed form.

Thank you very much! Really helpful

My friend (MB Employee) is able to help me by creating a control number for me (Friends and Family category) if I would like to lease any MB vehicle.

  1. Can someone tell me, what kind of discount I would be eligible?
  2. Is the discount only applicable to new vehicles or it could be used on Demo vehicles also?
  3. Is this discount in addition to negotiated price?
  4. I tried to search for terms and conditions but was not successful, does someone know more about it?

Thanks for your help.

It can be applied to a demo and you should plan to negotiate your sales price with whatever car and dealer you choose before you mention you have fleet. Depending on the model and what incentives are available for November the pin may not add more value if the fleet discount is less or the same.

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