Mercedes Fleet Discount / Other Incentives WIKI

Hi Calvin, what is the loyalty on S to S class?

Can you stack cots pricing on fleet?
What about on MD cash incentives?

Can fleet stack with recent grad and the MB allowance?

MB doesn’t have recent grad incentives.

Fleet doesn’t stack with current MB incentives

S to S will stack with Fleet

Gotcha, thank you!

I am currently shopping for an E-class. They have a $2000 dealer cash on leases. I do qualify for AMA fleet discount currently $2500 on E-class. Would these stack? Or just take one or other?

They do not stack.

I am assuming the answer is no but I will ask anyway.

Can someone qualify for incentives if they are putting the car into a parents name, who lives in the same household? And if no, what if the parent just consigns?

In order to use fleet, the person who has affiliations with the fleet has to be on the contract

Hello All,

Could anyone please help me with understanding the applicability of Fleet incentives on the Demo cars?

I have read the threads from the past where it is mentioned that it is applicable on the Demos, however the threads have been older than a year or I may have missed some recent threads.

The current lease deal (2019 GLS) I am working on, has the dealer discounts but I am still not clear if any other incentives have been applied to reach the selling price; and based on my research there are no Lease cash or any such incentives going on.

Could anyone please help me out?

Thanks in advance

I have leased a demo recently and you can an extra 500 due to Fleet incentive. In my case C300 had already 1500 Dealer cash but due to Fleet I got 500 extra discount on selling price. MB does not have any taxed incentive so everything count towards selling price.

Thank you. was it a 2020?

No It was 2019.

Fleet on a 2019 is $2000 for the 2019 C300 for February

Sorry to dig out this thread, 2 questions:

  1. Is there a standard MF reduction on one-pay lease?
  2. Any data point that if fleet stack with dealer cash? I understand most of the time fleet doesn’t seem to stack with rebates or incentives, but does dealer cash differ from those?
    Thank you so much!
  1. One pay reduction is .00080
  2. Fleet does not stack with dealer cash
    Because dealer cash is just standard incentive.
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Thanks a lot!

Last year, I went to Costco’s auto program and applied through the “Mercedes‑Benz Business2Business Program” and was emailed a incentive code. I’m just a small business and had no associations.

If you register the vehicle under your company you will qualify for fleet discounts.

It looks like the MBCA (Club) discount no longer exists. If i read correctly, it appears that you now get access to the fleet discounts. Reading above, it looks like this is another downgrade as loyalty is no longer available.