Mercedes E300 Loaner MD

I received this quote in MD for an E300 loaner with less than 5k miles on it. It seems very high, I was hoping to be in the $400’s but not sure that is possible

MSRP - $61,765
Sales Price - $53,896
Money Factor .00101
Residual 57% for 12k miles a year
Taxes and Tags are rolled in.

Payment for 12k miles a year for 36 months - $759.47
Down - $759.47

So, you are back to square one with E300. Make sure you don’t end up with another Subaru :slight_smile:

Lol I should have just bought what I wanted instead of trying to be practical. However, I have not received any good prices on these. I may buy used but worried about maintenance and I do like to change cars frequently :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you may look for a broker :grinning:

Maybe this is worth shipping

I did consider it but really want AWD

The problem is that these E300 deals were available for some period of time when anyone (excluding Pretty Boy) could snatch one for a low monthly payment with some work. Now there are no such deals. Same as with $500/mo Ghibli or Hellcats or under $300 3-series loaners. It’s all about timing and what’s the best possible deal now.

Yes, the best E300 deals seemed to be around from Nov. 2017 to the end of Feb. 2018 when MB ended lease support on the 2017 models. The DC/MD/VA area had dealers that were letting these go for around $400 per month. These were models with the P1 package with MSRPs around $59-$63K. If you can wait til the end of the year, you should be in a good location to score if history repeats itself which is not a given.

Mercedes of Annapolis is very aggressive when it comes to pricing but can be challenging when negotiating the lease monthly. I got mine there and scored a great deal but it was the last day of the month and I approached them a few hrs from close. In general you’re not going to get a 3xx per month deal. The lease numbers are not as attractive as they were early winter.

Exactly what I am dealing with Annapolis and other dealers. In the market for C300. Can you share who you worked with at Annapolis?

@Halothane What kind of deal were you able to get from MB Tyson’s? I’ve never been able to negotiate with them, even on CPO cars.

I bet it was not a good (LH worthy) deal, knowing Tysons and others in the area.