Mercedes e class lease $456.05

I’m leasing for the first time and would like some help/review.

2016 e class
Msrp $61915
Adj cap cost $51366.49
$3500 down
Res 57%
Mf .00011
36 mos
Monthly before taxes $456.05

Thank you in advance!

Not too bad. Good discount. Does this include prepaid maintenance package? Any way to get the 3.5k down reduced?

that 3500 should include taxes, otherwise its a waste

Thanks! I’ll ask about adding the maintenance package.

Do you mean taxes on monthly payments should be covered with the down? Thanks!

Either the 3500 be taxes and fees or MSD’s. If its against the cap cost then its a bad deal.

This is a bad deal. I got this deal when the 2016 launched last year in July on 24m/12k. There needs to be more of a discount on this car.

If this was for the new 2017 then go for it.

You got a 10k discount on MSRP an eseries a month after it launched? impossible

Oh wait i didnt see this was for a 16. Id run away.

Why run away from a 16? Is it that much different than a 17?

17 is a total redesign.

id jump on it if its 450 aftertax 12k with 2k drive off

btw this is for references from 2016 vs 2017

I agree with you. I can’t understand why some guys are saying they were getting better dicount on 2016 a year ago. 10k off msrp is pretty good. almost 17% for a non loaner. The 61k 5 series non demo is not going to be much less than 450.

I’d take it if it was 450 wth tax and msd. But not wth 3500 down. It’s essentially almost 600 if you add tax and divide the down payment over 36 months.

So I think we agree. good sales price, negotiate another 2k off and put down MSD to lower the MF.

I’m too lazy to find it but I had 17-18% off a 0 mile car in Socal with a one-pay lease on 12k/24 months (search Edmunds prices paid). Your term sucks - Mercedes is dumping a super duper old design on you for a high price! Trust me you’ll regret it vs. getting the new one.

Seriously. 18% off an e350? So with 24/12 residual of 68%, at 60k msrp, sales price would be 48k, residual would be 40k, so your lease terms would be around 8k single pay or 350 a month with 0 down (not including taxes).

17 sucks. 4 banger and no matter what they say, you will notice the difference in engine. you can pay AMG price for the slight upgrade to the e43 but its not worth it. Its basically a c class for the price of an e class

17 is a huge upgrade regarding everything else. Interior is completely redone, some of the best tech in the business right now. Benz dealer around me is offering incredible discounts on 2016. I want to check one out before I got the FTYPE and was seriously astounded on how outdated the interior was.

it’s gaudy. too gimmicky.

While I could overlook the interior I just cant get over the engine.