Mercedes doesn’t allow sell to 3rd party?

I have been trying to sell my leased Mercedes to vroom for couple of weeks and today they send me an email that they can’t buy my car because Mercedes doesn’t allow sell of leased vehicle to 3rd party dealer. Is that really true or do they just don’t want to buy my car.

If they didn’t want to buy your car they’d say so

Carvana doesn’t buy ally

Just move on to someone that will

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I am just surprised at their response since I have been working with them for the past 2 weeks. Mercedes even sent payoff info to them yesterday. If they didn’t allow it, then why would they send payoff. VRoom is offering the most (almost by 1K) which is why I wanted to sell it to them.

They didnt say they don’t buy Mercedes. They said, Mercedes doesn’t allow it. Does that mean no one can trade in their leased Mercedes to get another car?

I know Mercedes doesn’t allow lease transfers but I didn’t know they don’t allow outright lease purchase either.

Did You try Carmax?

I think that’s my next stop. I just didn’t want to drive down there if Mercedes doesn’t allow it. I have an inquiry with Mercedes as well but was hoping someone here might know the answer.

You do not have to drive to Carmax. Just go to and get a free quote. Very easy process.


Thanks. I just tried Carmax and their offer was lower than VROOM and Carvana by almost 8K.

Wow. They do not like premium cars. LOl I’ve got the highest quote for my Honda Clarity from Carmax

any update on this? Did you ultimately sell and to who?

From what they said, Mercedes doesn’t allow it and they didn’t buy it. I tried to get an answer from Mercedes but wasn’t able to.

I also didn’t buy it myself because after paying taxes, it wipes out any equity I have in the vehicle. So I still have it.

so you never tried to get it matched by an Benz dealer to buy it back? In FL most Benz dealers are Autonation and they buy cars just like Vroom/Carvana/Carmax.

I didn’t. My past experience with the dealer hasn’t been good. Typical low ball approach.

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