Mercedes C300 MF

Year: [2016 loaner]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Mercedes Benz C-300 4Matic]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/15] (its less than 3000 miles, so I don’t think there is a residual adjustment)
Zip Code: [40390]

Residual 56
MF .00094
Some dealers are willing to go to .00084

I recently leased a 2016 loaner. 5400 miles. Sport pack, premium 2 and multimedia pack, night pack. MSRP 51950. Selling 40380. Came out to 418/month with 10 msds and auto pay. Might not be the best deal but the car had the color and specs I wanted. Also got the dealer to order me a rear spoiler painted in gloss black free of charge.
Hope this helps.

@Tamkhan is being modest – he actually negotiated a pretty good deal for 15k miles. It is not the deal of the century (like @vhooloo says, it is once every 100 years so …) but it is not a bad job on a pretty nice car.

DC Area: $319/mo w/$0 down on a 2016 C300 4Matic loaner, MSRP $48,200, 24% off:«-4d-sedan-55swf4kb5gu140621

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