Mercedes-Benz/United Mileage Plus Discount--What Is it Exactly?

Hi all.
I’m a little confused about what the United discount actually is. Has anyone successfully used this discount recently? And is this considered ‘fleet’?

I’m looking at leasing a 2018 C300/4M loaner.
When I log in I, it looks like this is only available on CPO vehicles? Does the loaner qualify as that?
Also, I live in NYC, so I’m trying to locate dealers in NJ so I can apply MSD’s. But the vehicle results won’t go beyond NYC no matter what NJ zip code I use. And when I click through to view a vehicle, it doesnt indicate what the discount is.

Can anyone provide some information? Pontentially looking to move on a vehicle within the week.
Thanks all for the invaluable help!

If you’re confused join the club. In February this year, I leased a 2017 E300 loaner. Prior to going in to sign the papers, I informed the dealership I had secured a control number from the United website which I believed would provide a $1,000 discount off the lease price. When I went in to sign, the dealership said the control number I was issued could not be input into the system, it was being rejected by United. They called United and were told since I was not a Premier member, there would be no discount. I used that to negotiate a bit more off the lease, but they did not come close to the $1,000 discount I was expecting. A day or so later I called the number listed for the United/MB program and the rep said I should have been eligible for the discount AND the 25,000 bonus miles, despite the lack of Premier status. However, he stated it was up to the dealership to process the paperwork and could not help me in any way. He suggested I contact the sales manager at the dealer, which I did. I had him contact United, who reiterated the lack of Premier status would sink the deal. If you read the fine print, it does mention Premier status, but in my experience nobody involved in the program really knows what they are talking about. The dealer told me it’s no skin off their nose to process the discount, they get compensated from United and/or corporate MB. I know they didn’t process the paperwork and pocket the $1,000 as I would have gotten some contact from United directly, not to mention the fraudulent nature of such a transaction.

Also muddying the waters are the terms involving a CPO vehicle. If you purchase a CPO loaner, that is apparently eligible for the program. I was also told since I leased, the CPO status does carry forward as it would in a purchase. My vehicle was advertised as CPO, but since I leased those terms do not apply, I am assuming since I will be covered by factory warranty for the 36 month lease term. If anyone else has any experience with this program I would be most interested.

It’s not that clear but you do need premier status. I used it on my e300 loaner deal and it worked out just fine. I’m not sure what the current incentive is now as I am no longer a primer member. My status ended Feb 1st… the day after I got my car. Phew! At the time it was $1500 on an e class with no mileage bonus.

Did you purchase or lease your E300?

I leased it. 20202020

Thanks, @amaximeya ! I guess the discount does apply on leased loaners, even though @Zenking was told otherwise.

Yep, I used the United discount to lease a 2017 C300 loaner in January. I do have premier status.

You should be able to find the available offers through links on the website. Currently there are offers for CPOs, as well as new 2017 (can’t lease) and 2018 models.

You don’t need to find a deal through the United website, As far as I can tell any dealer can apply the discount if you have a valid control number. And yes this is fleet. At the time of my lease I could have received fleet through my employer, but United offered the same $ discount plus 25K miles on top of that.

So would just Silver Premier qualify or higher status required.

Silver and above. If you’re Marriott gold or above you can do a status match to get the status. It was gold when I did it but I know they changed their program a bit reciently.

Thanks. Yes, I have silver premiere through Marriott just did not know if Silver is enough.