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Any SL43 specials? Given the much lower base MSRP, I wonder if there will be any 10-20k off MSRP deals like there was on the SL53/SL63

There is no SL43

There is. It is arriving imminently. Inventory / VINs are on autotrader, dealer sites etc. 52 currently showing up on AutoTrader.



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2023 EQS450 Sedan
MSRP $106xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
1039+ Tax

Do you have a 36/10K on the 450?

What are the packages and trim?

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Any deals on a 2023 GLC with Pinnacle trim, AMG/Night Pkg in SoCal? Preferably with blk exterior.

In Kansas of all places, I’m seeing 16K off a 2023 SL43 with a MSRP of 116k, or a price of just under 100k. Any same / better deals in California?

CA Resident, best price lease for

EQS 580
EQS 450 w/ hyper screen
prefer diamond stitching seat

any deal for 24 GLS 450 Pinnacle trim AMG, Night Pkg?

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2023 C300
MSRP $50xxx (19" Wheels)
Drive Off Amount: $3000
609+ Tax

2023 C300 AMG Package
MSRP $52xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
639+ Tax

2023 E350 AMG Package
MSRP $64xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
699+ Tax

2023 E350
MSRP $61xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
649+ Tax

Contact Paul at 818-434-8063 or Gor at 424-278-8216

Any deals on 2023/2024 GLS 450

What is the color/interior of the EQB 300?

Text one of us directly.

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2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE53 AMG
MSRP - 92xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
$1229+ Tax (48/7.5k)

2024 Mercedes-Benz C300
MSRP - 50xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3500
$545+ Tax (36/7.5k)

2024 Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG
MSRP - 53xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3500
$589+ Tax (36/7.5k)

2023 Mercedes-Benz E350 AMG Package
MSRP - 63xxx
Drive Off Amount: $3000
$645+ Tax (36/7.5k)

Contact Paul at 818-434-8063 or Gor at 424-278-8216.