🥇 Mercedes-Benz Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~ New Deals Updated

Got any deals on the EQS SUV?

Text one of us.

Do the EQB! Do the EQB! :slight_smile:

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Maybe next month on those

Will there be better programs then?

Hopefully on those

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Unreal deals on the EQS :heart::heart:


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Any deals on eqs 580 suv

Text one of us

Damn those sl deals are ridiculous…

You have to have the Porsche currently or can be recently?

This correct? Monthly Payment: $1729+ Tax (705+Tax With Max MSD’s

Typo, that was supposed to be for the EQS

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Any additional wiggle room with PenFed $3500 incentive for EQS? Looking to pickup 2x EQS.

No. If you have questions, text one of us directly

Is the deal only for California residents?

Any EQS sedan lease under 650? where in socal is pickup?

Your title says

Mercedes-Benz Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~ EQS - 5K DAS, 595+TAX WITH MSD’s

Is the $595 still available?

No… The updated deal is 2 posts above yours.

Thank you for changing the title!

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