Mercedes-Benz MSDs

Hi all. Trying to confirm if I live in NYC but lease the vehicle out of state (eg NJ, CT, PA, MD) that I can use MSDs. It seems to vary dealer by dealer. I’d rather not go through the process of negotiating only to learn that I actually can’t do it.
Saw some previous conversation about this subject but it wasn’t clear if you can/can’t.
Can anyone advise on this?
Much appreciated!

Apologies for bumping my own post, but was hoping to get an answer on this.
Some dealers say yes, some say no. I just don’t want to agree to a deal only to find out that it can’t be done and I’m SOL. Appreciate any info!

Yes, MBFS allows NY residents to use MSDs if they lease from an out-of-stare dealer. Not all dealers know how to or will do MSDs though.

How can I ‘help’ the dealer figure out how to do it? :slight_smile:

You can tell them to call MBFS, but I’d rather move on to another dealer.

I just spoke to a dealer who’s a friend of a family friend. He say’s you cannot do MSD’s if you live in NY. It’s based on where it’s registered, not where it’s bought.
Then he gave me a deal on a new car.

Not sure if things have changed, but @jcahse was able to do it.

Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) in New York?

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That’s right - I purchased a car from Connecticut and was able to do MSD even though I registered the car in NY.

I worked with a dealer in N.J. and a dealer in PA (who I eventually leased from) both called MBFS and confirmed that it’s where you purchase and not where you register.
Had no issues.

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