Mercedes Benz GLE

I’m trying to get a 21 GLE350 for my mom by the end of the month. Anyone know what kind of discount I can realistically get? She currently has an 18 GLE350 and I was able to get 14.6%, 3 years ago.

I would appreciate any input you guys have, especially if you’ve recently gotten a GLE. Thanks in advance.

Forget that ever happened

Almost brand new platform discount <> outgoing platform discount

Search the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections… if anyone throws out a discount without mentioning what the MF markup was (if any) along with dealer fees and add-ons, that information might be useless.


GLE leased badly enough in the summer that I ended up financing mine. I had worked with the dealer before, so with a pretty decent discount (about 7.5%) and the 1.99% financing, it was a much better deal to finance. (doc fee was an atrocious $699 and window tint and door edge guards were the add-ons…)

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I don’t think you’ll be able to get to a 14.6% discount. I’ve been negotiating on a custom ordered 2021 GLE 350 and my discount, after incentives, I am currently at 11.8%, but this is at a dealership where my family has gotten many cars from over the years and we use the same sales guy for each car/deal. I am still being optimistic and hoping that the discount can creep up a bit more (fingers crossed).

Other dealerships I’ve shopped around at for the same or similar car they would not budge past 8% after incentives. The GLE is in very high demand which makes it hard for incentives and discounts, and they lease bad (for FL its at 56% residual with a .00160 MF according to Edmunds for a 36 month lease, or 47% for 48 months).

Good luck with your GLE shopping!


I was able to get 9% off MSRP at base MF with literal ease. I had said that I had gotten 8.9% off a similar vehicle at another dealer (which wasn’t even base MF) and so they said they would match. The dealer says they won’t go any higher and I don’t know if I should just take it or keep try to get down a couple more %.

Anyone have any input?

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No comment on deal but asking the dealer to do a 9% discount and then asking for more after they agree to it is bad form.


I told them I had gotten 9% and asked them if they could beat it. Apologies, I should’ve clarified.

If you have a good working relationship with a sales person or someone you know who works at a Mercedes Benz dealership you can see if they are willing to do their employee coupon/code thing. Also there is a fleet discount you could possible get (one place to get it is the American Bar Association), I believe it is currently at $500.

With the employee coupon/code thing you should be able to get it to around 11%-12% off pre incentives.

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They did beat it, by 0.1% ( 60 bucks) and by going to base MF (up to thousands)

So if we’re looking to improve on the first deal because you weren’t happy with the marked up MF, this is better assuming there aren’t any huge doc and dealer fees making up the difference.

What are the brokers at with these models in terms of discount?

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unfortunately they don’t have fleet on our corporation. and also no good relationship with any salespeople lol

doc fee in florida is always bad, 799. i haven’t actually see any brokers advertising this car but i will check, thanks.

You’re going to keep spinning your wheels looking for even a remotely good deal on a GLE.

I suggest looking at other brands if you value your time and money.


Not necessarily through your work but if you are part of a club or organization like the American Bar Association or the MB Club of America, etc.

The heart what the heart wants.

The only other SUV thats on the market and within budget that I was considering (and only other one I actually liked besides the GLE) is the Genesis GV80, however those are harder to get than the GLE and those are going over MSRP from what i’ve been hearing.


They are available at sticker on this forum’s Marketplace sub.

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If you’re going to be offering services for deals, you’ll need to register as a business entity with the site.

Thanks but i’m in FL and I already ordered a GLE and I’m waiting for distribution to load it on a truck to head to my local dealership. As far as discount I managed to get it to 12.6% total after a lot of negotiating.

Is that a true discount or attached to massive dealer fees and/or MF markup?

as makris said, the heart wants what the heart wants. i do love the gle but i personally would’ve moved on a while ago, this vehicle is for my mom and she has test driven many other cars and likes the gle best and doesn’t mind paying 800 a month with 5k down, as much as that hurts me to even type it lol

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From the paperwork I have I don’t think there is a marked up MF/dealer fees. I sign the papers when the car arrives (hopefully within the next few days) but I’ve gotten many cars from my sales guy and have done a lot of business. He also helped out by giving me his employee discount. Either way I told him where I needed to be and he got me there so I’m happy about that. The GLE doesn’t have a good residual/MF so I know it’ll be a little more expensive than other SUVs on the market.

I’m close to that. I’m at 710 with 3K due at signing for a 4 year lease on a 64K car. I think it’s as good as it’s going to get for Mercedes’ best selling vehicle.