Mercedes Benz GLC300 Coupe

Hello I’m a brand new user and from reading through the forum I’ve learned a few things and have a deal presented to me and need to know if it’s a good deal.

2017 GLC300
4 year lease
MSRP 53325
RV .47
MF .00081
Cash down of $1500 + dealer Processing + first months payment
Walkout of $2531
Residual 25,062
Payment with taxes $632
DC taxes are 10% of the payment.

If any other info is needed please let me know.

Sounds pretty bad. What is the cap cost?

Here is a picture of the deal.

Nice, they charge you only $399 dealer fee in Arlington.

People have noted on the forum regarding this very popular suv, and the forum has stated that because the SUV coupe is a hot new body style the lease rates suck. If you like the car just do it. I drove the amg version fun but too small. Enjoy!

PS 4 year leases are hard on your pockets, unless they offer 100% Maintnance free.

I’ve seen some REALLY nasty leases on these, like in terms of almost 2% of the msrp monthly, these don’t lease well. Period.

I’m just remembering I read that a lease