Mercedes-Benz GLA Lease BREAKING?

Hey Guys!
I have a Mercedes GLA 250 which I leased in 2017. It’s missing 6 moths for the end of the contract.
The car came with an AC problem (not cooling). They’ve tried to fix at least 5 times. But it seems that they just fill up the AC gas to hold more 6 months until I return and then they do that again. So they can push the problem to the next owner.
I’m trying to negotiate a return and asking them to wave the termination fee and rest of the monthly payments. Off course they aren’t accepting that, unless I change for a new car. I don’t want a Mercedes anymore due to all these headaches and terrible customer service.
So my questions are: what would you guys do? Is this a lease break or something (is there a lawyer here)? Should I just keep my head down, accept that and fulfill the contract up to the end?
This is a very upset situation!

Best to all of you!

There are tooooons of lemon law threads on here.


if you only have 6 months left and working AC, it wouldn’t be worth to pursue in my opinion.

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Agreed, lemon law suit will probably last longer than 6 month. Im not even sure if you qualify cause in Virginia its got to be within the first year.

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If you think you have equity you can try Carmax, Vroom, Carvana, etc. to see what you can get too. Although if there really is an issue that would suck for whomever ends up with the car. :slight_smile:

@emontecchi Enrico, I’m lemon law attorney in California. If I’m not mistaken, you’re in Florida? Depending on your service records, you may have a claim. Although you technically can pursue a lemon law claim yourself, I strongly suggest consulting (for free) with a local lemon law attorney.

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Never know. My lawyer sent a demand letter with 90 days left in my lease, signed a settlement with 30 days left. I’ve returned the lease and check isn’t here yet, but it will be. If the manufacturer wants to make good (either through benevolence or a demand letter), why not?

Yes – rarely do we start with a lawsuit. We nearly always start with a demand letter. I typically give them 30 days to review and accept our offer. There’s a few hoops to jump through after acceptance, but I’ve handle many cases with only a few months left on the term.

And to the extent possible, we force the manufacturer to have the check ready at the surrender so you don’t leave empty handed, @jeisensc

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I’ll have to reach out to you the next time I get a lemon. This lease (knock wood) has been great, but I’ve had three so chances are there will be a fourth.

Happy to help if I ever get the chance! And it’s good that you know your rights. Too many people leave money on the table.

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