Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread - 2

I think Mercedes has done a much better job managing EQS supply compared to the same time last year.

IIRC, there were over 6,000 total EQS SUV and EQS Sedans nationwide this time last year. But this year it’s down to about 3,000. I guess 2024 March Madness had a lot to do with this as well.

While I think the net pricing of a EQS will still remain low compared to say a BMW i7 or iX, I don’t think the EQS fire-sale-hackr-specials will be as prevalent over the next year or so.


Its not my job… just posting. Lol

How do numbers look like for 24m/7.5k? Not looking to grab this deal, but someone might be interested in a lower monthly payment.

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Ill find out tomorrow night when i go there for poker night.

I am not seeing these on their respective websites. Are vehicles with pre-owned certified label leasable?

Yes most of the loaner cars are listed under pre-owned. Or a separate courtesy loaner page.

Not blaming you, just thinking the dealer could put on some better numbers if he really needs to move them.

Salesman would love too, but dealer they get so much volume. To them its like throwing scraps of the bones to the woles. They can care less.

Dealer just told me they don’t do fleet so rebate for them is just 17,500 :man_facepalming: Deal looks pretty good otherwise but don’t know what to do. Tips?

@sal88 what is he wanting for the EQE AMG?

The prices hes been giving me, i wouldnt be surprised 2k a month with 10k DAS… :joy::joy::joy:

Just joking, ill ask tomorrow and keep you posted

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@sal88 lol thanks man

My EQS loaner lease is due in 35 days and I found another loaner I want to lease. We agreed on everything but the dealer said my car got rejected when they put the vin in the pull ahead program.

They have no idea why. Has this happened to anyone else before? FWIW I am leasing the new loaner from a diff dealer (out of state) than the current lease. Wouldn’t think that would be an issue though.

13 month leases are not eligible for pull ahead, if that’s what you had.

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Yeah these 13 month leases are weird. They pop up in the system as if they qualify for loyalty acceleration, but you’re right they shouldn’t be eligible for early grounding (without the lessee paying all remaining payments).

Plus they couldn’t be one-paid.

And they can’t be extended.

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They are a major PITA in CA where the registration fees are around a grand for the 13th month.

Got it. This is it then. Thanks! Looks like I will just have to eat that final payment given the deal I am getting on the new loaners (EQS 450 SUV and EQS 450 Sedan for a combined payment of $968 with $1800 DAS).

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wow that’s really good deal!

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if it’s eqs 450 4matic it might be. it was dropped from fleet support last month.
but tbh it’s only $500 difference…

450+. It’s like 1000 but hey that’s what we do here. I’m considering hitting up Avondale and seeing what they can do. Just released a bunch of loaners