Mercedes Benz E300 2017 Deal

I just started negotiating today at one of the largest MB dealers in SoCal and walked away from the following deal as they were not aggressive enough:

MSRP $58,895
Sale Price: $53405 (9.3% off)
MF: they didn’t tell me but it’s not base rate; they played with this to push the price up; my guess is that it’s .00157 based on the final monthly and other figures)
MSD: 10

I was quoted $599/mo after taxes (incl. autopay discount and 10 MSD discount) but with $8.5k drive off (6k MSD, 480 doc & reg, 595 disposition, 795 acq, 1st month payment)

I feel this is okay; but given that others here have gotten 12% off MSRP; I feel like I should wait - any thoughts? Any suggestions on which dealership/advisors to contact?

Find out what mf they are using and what it should be after 10 MSDs.

Why are they charging the $595 disposition fee now? That’s a fee you pay when you turn in the vehicle. And if you did turn in a lease, you should ask them to waive it since you are getting another lease.

Ended up getting a car at another dealership for 12% off but they wouldn’t budget on .00159 MF. It was a fully loaded premium 3 at 70,595 msrp.

What were the details for this deal?
I’m at the service center now and probaby will have to replace my vehicle since it’s going to cost and arm and a leg.

70,595 MSRP
12% off 62,124
.00159 MF
795 acq fee

665.5/mo is the final monthly

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70K for a 4 Banger…not worth it…even with that 12% discount.

People buying the new E class are not concerned about its engine. This thing is only passed by Tesla considering all the tech it has. OP thats a good deal. Best one I’ve seen for a 2017 E class so far. Seems like most dealers aren’t budging whatsoever with them. Enjoy the car, I’m envious; looking to possibly pick up a '17 E or Model S soon. Let me know your thoughts!

It can actually be quite worth it to some people depending on the individual’s situation. I have an i8 as the sports car and needed a comfortable, more tech-friendly car. I got possibly the best deal on a '14 550i (76k msrp for 628/mo after tax), and that car with 445hp isn’t nearly as nice in my opinion vs this e300 so I got rid of the 550i. The 550i is obviously much faster than the e300, however, based on the way I typically accelerate, I don’t feel the difference. I think worth it completely depends on the intended use and how the driver drives the car.