Mercedes Benz C350e 2016

Does anyone know if the supplier program with Mercedes allows the money to be applied toward the downpayment on the lease? I see that Mercedes has some good leases in place on the MBZ financial web page. Plus I qualify for the new graduate program. Does anyone have any idea on what type of deal i can get on this car for a 36 month lease? The dealership that I went to wanted to run credit and go through the whole four square payment per month and how much I can afford. My goal is to get the car with as little down and a low monthly lease payment for 10K miles per year and as little out of pocket as possible. I’m willing to travel anywhere in California for the best deal.

The money for the supplier program is 4K on the 2016 C350E. This plus horsepower made this car look really good. Anyone had any experience on this car?