Mercedes Benz C300 loaner lease

Hi guys,
I’ve been shopping around to lease a Mercedes C300 in Tampa Florida and I found a loaner car deal but I’m not sure if this is a good deal or if I’m getting ripped off. I never leased before, FYI. These are all the numbers I have, I appreciate any input.

The vehicle has about 3k miles on it.
MSRP/Sale price: $45395
Discount: $6725
Sale price subtotal: $38670
Tax: $246.52
Tag and title fees: $198
Dealer fee: $799
Employer rebate: $1500
Total: $39508.52
Monthly payment with tax: $467
Down payment: $0
Term: 36 months
Miles: 12K

Thank you!

is that payment $0 due at signing?

Also you could put MSDs down to lower payment further.

I believe the due at signing will be the first month payment.

I didn’t know about adding MSDs but I can ask!

If only one month payment is due at signing, does that sound like a good deal?

Yes you have the cash, do MSDs and max it out. Should drop your payment $30 or so.

IMO it’s an ok deal. I’m basing this on an offer few months ago I got for a relative and it was $52k msrp loaner, and lease was $465 or so all in. (Edit: on a 36/10k)