Mercedes Benz 2016 C300 numbers

Hi, Can you please share March MF and residual for 2016 C300 36 month 10k miles?
Also is is possible to lease on lower mileage than 10,000? I do not expect to drive more on this car. Its my weekend leisure car.

Hi Michael, Can I have a MF for Mercedes C300 36 month 7500 miles?
I got below quote from a dealer in NJ and not sure if its good? This is my first lease and need some help.

MSRP 53580
Sell Price - 47500 (With FEP program)
down payment - 7312 (With 5000 Sec deposit)

total monthly - 451.23

MF quoted is : 0.00144 without SD.

Base MF is .00154 for C300 4MATIC. Auto-pay lowers it to .00144.

Math looks about right. I’d aim for a lower selling price. Depending on the region, 15% off MSRP should be doable right now (month end) on a heavily-optioned car.

If not, then at least bargain to shave a few bucks to get below $450/month. The security deposit amount is the monthly payment rounded to the nearest $50. So $449/month, for instance, would require a $4,500 MSD rather than $5,000.

Best of luck!

Thank you Mike. This helps. Let me see if i can push dealer more. I am also not convenience on 2312 payments which according to dealer includes bank fees and documentation etc. Sounds bit high to me.

If you’re getting the base MF and the deductions for autopay is there any point of adding in the MSDs? I was under the impression the MSDs won’t lower the MF any further than (base MF-AutoPay discount)

Autopay and MSD can be combined. For instance, if the base rate were .00160, ten MSDs drops it to .00090, and adding auto-pay will drop it further to .00080.