Mercedes AMG GT stealth edition

Anyone know much on how these will lease? Its an AMG so not great but is this a sub 2k a month car for 36/7500 tier 1 and MSD’s? MSRP looking at 138-142k Ive seen some dealers say 5k over asking and some say 20k. I know a ton arrive in September as every dealer I have asked is getting more then. Willing to get anywhere in USA.

Just go to Edmunds and get the current MF and RV for a 2021, then build your calculator to see exactly how this thing will lease.

Once you have a calculator built you can play around with the inputs, like selling price, MSDs, etc.

The RV on a '22 might come in a point or two higher, so keep that in mind (not like it will matter much). And ‘stealth edition’ is just an appearance package so shouldn’t make any difference in leasing numbers.

If its a limited edition, you are probably looking at low 2k’s as you said. Expect a mark up on the money factor and no discount.

Well, it might make a difference in how much they mark up the selling price.

My experience is from last year so that was when the world was coming to an end and cars where being fire sold. In today’s market do your best and know the MF, Res etc…

thanks for the awesome information.

Welcome to the community; don’t expect those number or even close today, they will likely want $20k over MSRP.