Mercedes 350E Lease - California

Anyone have any experience leasing a 350E? I’m in Northern California. The dealer tells me this will get me into the HOV lane, but just wanted to confirm here.

I’m still not clear on how the California and Federal rebates work when leasing. Do I negotiate the lease of the car as normal, lets say it comes to $50K. Then the dealer just takes $10K off, handles all the rebates, and I walk away with a much better lease price? As if I was buying a $40K car?

The rebates were already explained to you in your other thread. You do not get any federal rebate for a lease. The owner of the vehicle does. It is up to MBFS if they want to pass along part or all of it as an incentive to the leasee. The CA rebate, which is currently exhausted, is independent of any deal you do. You fill it out after you get your vehicle.

I understand that it goes to the owner of the car, but what are people’s experience here? Is this something that needs to be negotiated, or does MBFS have a general policy? And if you fill out the CA rebate, you would in theory get back $2,500, even on a lease? I would think it would be the same as the federal where MBFS gets it and rolls the savings into the lease.

Regarding the HOV issue, the car qualifies for a GREEN sticker, not a white sticker.

To see the current qualifications for all vheicals approved for either sticker in California, please see:

You are wrong in both instances. You need to research better. EV rebates have been discussed many times on here and the rest of the internet. You cannot negotiate the rebate that MBFS passes onto you. You sign up for the CA rebate (30 month min for lease), not the bank.

Also, isn’t the CA rebate still available with “low income” qualification (not to imply that’s an option for the OP)?

Yes, the rebate is still available and funded for “low income” participants.