Mercedes 2020 GLC300 demo turns out to be 'pre-owned'?

I thought I was leasing a demo car , I got the deal as this:

Mercedes GLC 300 4DR
Vehicle price: $47765
Saving: $11301
Selling price: $35464.
millage: 9600

I’m leasing it for:
monthly payment of 460 ( 424 monthly + 36 for maintenance package)
with MSD : $5000.

All the time the dealer told me it was a loaner car only used in the store, but after I signed the contract, I saw it says ‘pre-owned’ on the contract.

Is a demo car pre-owned ?
Is this price still a good deal if this is indeed a ‘pre-owned’ instead of a loaner car ?

A car can only be new or used “preowned” so technically your car is preowned. Pretty much your car was driven by so many people while their car was being serviced or repaired. Almost like a rental car. No need to worry u still got a deal.

What was DAS, aside from MSDs?

I also assume you paid full price for the maintenancee package? It should’ve been residualized in the selling price.

DAS is $1248. So total payment $ 6248 made out of door.

The maintenance package I’m calculating it as 36 times 12 times 3= 1296, that seems Ok comparing with the actual price of $1500 plus.

Thanks for replying @paranoidgarliclover ! Appreciate your help.

Oh, I’m only asking because my friend also got a demo car and on his contract it says ‘new’. I thought it’s new if it doesn’t have a previous owner. Do they just cut it by certain millage, for example after 5000 miles they call it ‘pre-owned’ ?

Thanks for replying btw @Signify1442 . Appreciate your help :grinning:

You didn’t own the car first. The dealer did. And hundreds of people farted in it and did burnouts and did unspeakable things in the back seat. Hence pre owned.

True pre owned lease programs are atrocious.

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The only reason I can think he got a 5000mile “new car” was from all the test drives or dealer transfers. The dealer buys the car but technically they are not the owner. You on the other hand it was a loaner/demo so it had to be registered and owned by the dealer. At times the customer probably had to keep your car for 2 weeks and incase he got pulled over he has to show proof of who owns the car.

Got it ! This really helps!! Thank you @Signify1442 . Btw my friend didn’t get a 5000 miles new car :rofl: He got it a couple hundreds miles but it was a demo car.

This is checked one way or another based on the laws of your state. A new car that was never put into loaner service with 10 miles will be new. A new car that has been a loaner could show as new or used depending on the laws of your state, and even if that car only has 10 miles too. My state still sells them as new until they hit a certain mileage threshold, then they get sold as used. Others will check the used box as soon as it is labeled a demo/loaner.

If it’s still qualifying for new car programs, that is all you need to worry about. The new or used checkbox won’t mean a thing when you turn it in at the end of the lease

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Got it. Thanks a lot!! @mp11477 :smiley: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: