Mercedes 2019 s450 lease signed

2019 Mercedes S450
MSRP: $106060
Monthly Payment: $1130
Drive-Off Amount: $5000
Annual Mileage:12
5000 included tire wheel protection and service

is any of the drive offs MSDs?

No msd
Tire and wheel they said was around 2500 and service was around 1500 If anyone wants the salesman’s contact he has two more 2019 s 450 Similar msrp on his lot please direct message me and I’m happy to pass along. Was this a good deal ?

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For $2,500 you can almost buy a complete new set of the wheels and tires…
Other than that it’s not a bad deal.

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Thanks probably should not have gotten the extras they talked me into it when signing the paper work

Pretty sure you can cancel the add ons

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Congratulations on the car. There’s been a few other S450 deals signed on here, did you check the data points?

Yes the forum really helped thank you
Before the add ons was quoted
4 k down
1050 a month

Their finance has a lot of leeway for service and protection plan.
For example, I told my friend to decline all extras. So she did, until they brought down the service plan for about 1k to about $189? (I forget the exact number). Keep in mind that she wasn’t even trying to haggle, it was just end of month. I told her that’s actually a very good price for 3 services since each service ranges at about $150 (at the dealers). I told her $189 is about the cost of the material used so she might as well take it.

I always hear about protection plan being knocked down to around $500. I have no experience of that myself, but I would imagine that it’s possible if the finance guy is cool enough.

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There’s mark up in the add ons so if it’s something he really wants he can negotiate next time.

The S Class cars, especially with the goodyear tires blow tires out every few thousand miles. I have had 13 tires replaced over the course of a lease so that wheel and tire coverage ends up saving your back side many times over. Same goes for the conti tires on a C-Class running 19’s. They just blow out and bubble on moderate potholes.

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That makes a lot of sense. But I assume buying 3rd party hazard insurance probably will end up cheaper. Those tire stores can insure tires even not sold by them. But if you bend the wheel it’s a whole different story

The Mercedes coverage includes cosmetic repairs on wheels (curb rash) and it also covers wheels which are cracked and or damaged. If you can get a discount on the warranty coverage it is very nice policy. Depending on when you get the policy they keep going back and forth on how many cosmetic repairs are included. It may be only 4 during the warranty period currently.

Same experience! I had C300 coupe with 19’s (goodyear, not conti) and blew them up 3 or 4 times on the moderate potholes.

S tires are notorious for their short life. I wouldn’t get any S without the Wheel package.

I have leased 3 CLS models and an e class the past 10 years and I had to replace back tires on 3 of the vehicles and all 4 on my last CLS. All 4 had continental tires and were 4matic.