Mercedes 2017 E300

Looking for MF, residual and any incentives for 2017 E300
36 months, 10,000 miles
New Jersey
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

MBFS hasn’t released the numbers for 2017 E-Class yet.

I was quoted:
0.00169 MF
62% Residual
36/10,000 miles

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As long as that isnt a special MF from MB you can do MSD. Now the other factor is how much are they willing to discount off the msrp since its a brand new model.

Claimed MSRP of $60,175 (Premium 1, sport, surround)
$56,354 cap cost

With 10% PA tax im getting almost 800 per month. Id either way until the winter incentives roll out or do max MSD’s.

Premium 1
Upgraded sound system
$61,750 MSRP
0.0116 MF
61% residual
Fees and 1st month at signing
$697/month, including NJ tax


Does anyone know the MF and residual for a 36 month / 15k mile lease?


2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
36/10k: 62%; .00139
36/12k: 61%; .00139
36/15k: 59%; .00139

Program expires August 1, 2016

Came across this SoCal deal today…9% off MSRP 2 Maintenance services included. A & B.

2017 Mercedes Benz E300 Sport white w/ black interior
MSRP $57,675
$630 w/ SoCal Tax Payment
36 month 10k miles

Premium 1 package
421 Sport package
Burmester sound system

.00104 MF
62% residual

1st payment
$3500 Refundable Security deposit ( 5 MSDs)
$477.75 DMV fee
$70 tax
$80 Doc fee
$795 bank fee
$5552 Due at signing

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

Already offering 9% off and they havent even been out 2 months?

most dealers are still getting MSRP. the new E Class is very nice and supply is kinda low still.

I get supplier pricing & concessions because I move alot of cars for them.

Anthony @

Ah i see. I get fleet with them but dont see myself ever using it. Plus the E400/43 needs to come out.