Memory Lane- Best deal you ever came across?

I want to reminisce. Share some of the best deals you’ve ever seen.

I’ll start with a POS but $99/mo $0 Das Compass back in 2016. Sister in law got one. Yes it had crank windows.

And one that I think about a lot was the 991.1 gt3 at Stingray Chevy that they had lowered all the way down to $89k. Fairly low mileage. Summer 2020 of course. Why did I sleep on that?

And no one cares about the bolt that you got paid to drive let’s just leave those out


Mine was 2017 $1650 equinox ls one pay 24/10k it was actually less cause i got $50 visa for test driving the car :joy:, my biggest regret passing on 2012 Ferrari California under 20k miles for $89k obviously during lockdown!! I still think of that car :disappointed:


Damn equinox for $66 a month effective.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this black on black 328d wagon that was $230/mo with $4k das 24/12. Not even that great of a deal for the time (2019). But a diesel wagon gets me going

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Mmhm, out of cars past I still reminisce and miss my f82 heritage edition. It was so dumb driving that at 17.

My dirt cheap Volvos at 249/m and 265/m for a 40k and 48k s60 and v60cc respectively are worth contenders.


The 260 DAS 260/month q50 we had was alright.

$500 Hellcat and $500 F Type days were cool to watch, unfortunately joined the site after both I think. Or I just didnt have any money then.


$130 per screen is legendary


1989 Chevy Beretta for $1600 bucks


2020 Velar. Hennessy LR Atlanta. They had a fire sale then


19 740 around 550
19 i8 850
18 328d 230
18 x2 225
18 stelvio 400
17 q50 350
Bunch of 18-21 tundras in the low 300s
All sign and drive.

Can’t remember exact prices but they’re pretty close. Miss those days!


So my $82 a month fiat 500e doesn’t count? Ok…
In 2007 a friend and I flew out to pick up a 1994 3.6 Turbo I suggested he buy. He got it for $47k and drove it back to California… Still has it, worth well north of 300 these days.

Around the same time I picked a couple 1969 912s, one for 5k. I still have both, current value for the one I didn’t modify heavily is in the range of 60k?
And the ones I missed- I was eyeing a Carrera GT in perhaps 2012, going rate was around 250k for a less perfect example. Today probably 1.2M. Or a McLaren F1 GTR (the race versions with history) for maybe 650K in a similar timeframe. Today maybe 20M, and near zero chance I’ll ever get to drive one. Hindsight…


Love it!! If I get my time machine up and running I’ll convince you to get that CGT.

I almost bought a 912e probably 7 years ago for $20k ish… I lived in LA at the time and was honestly scared it wouldn’t make it up certain hills


As someone who turned 23 months ago and finally able to make irresponsible purchases, of course everything is priced out my region AGAIN,

Here’s a list of the things I skipped out on due to being young and NOT having money while working at dealers during college.

2020 Range Rover Sport, PIN Car Lease $799/mo 0DAS
Most Flagship BMW M Car Leases Being $1,000 and below (F80, M8, F90 M5)
2010 MB E63 With 32,000 Original Miles For $25k Early 2019 (Worth Double Now)
The Famous $999/mo Aston Martin Lease Deals
2018 Corvette Stingrays $476/mo with $0 Down
2017 Aston Martin V17 Vantage S For $1200/mo 0 Down 20/7.5k

and don’t get me started on 911’s, as someone who’s dreamed of owning one since I was 8, it’s heartbreaking to see the prices becoming more and more unattainable everyday

Some recent misses this past couple of months include:

2010 ONYX Range Rover Autobiography previously owned by Brittany Spears with 52,000 original miles. Really wish I didn’t have work to go buy that thing. Thing is probably 1 of 1 in the USA

2021 C63 For $43K with 30K miles. Some Subaru dealer down in Florida had no-idea what they were selling. Car had $4k in recent service and had one of the highest MSRP’s i’ve ever seen with Designo interior

The E-Tron GT craze, already had my 750i for cheap so


23 u got time - I want gas deals - not this EV garbage


You can’t say this is worse than all the other shit posting that comprises 90% of this forum :joy:


Those Aston deals and Hennessy jaguar deals were fun

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I can’t miss a chance to deploy the best The Sopranos quote of all-time. I agree with you!


Wait a bit for the hysteria to die down… but yea, I should have included 2016 Porsche GT4, bought at MSRP, sold two years later at MSRP to a dealer in part so I could get a 2018 GT3 Touring, also bought at MSRP, probably up 70k since I bought it? Though does it matter if you’re never going to sell…

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$905/mo with tax.


2004 Saab 9-3 Convertible, I think it was $44k MSRP, $266 x 39mo, that was a steal at the time, still was a sales manager and it was a demo that one of family owners dogs trashed the back seat, I took advantage of the situation and did a net net deal with write downs and everything, think it was like $14k off,. Never fixed the seat and never got charged :laughing: had some other Saab’s and they were in the $300’s which was still good, but not as good as this one

2016 Jetta S, $150/mo for 36mo and 15k/yr, after diesel gate when they were giving stuff away

2018 320i, $238/mo pretty loaded fart car, MSRP $48350, 24mo, transferred it after a year

2020 Bolt, $135/mo, this eventually turned into a 2022 that ended up GM paying me I think like $3000 all said and done, so -$83ish/mo :laughing:

All first payment at signing