Memorial day savings? anything?

are there typically any memorial day weekend sales or incentives? ive been holding out hope that incentives would be updated this week for memorial day. do we typically see any incentives for this holiday or nah?

my lease is up in july, was hoping to find some incentives this week to get into something else while im on staycation.

Memorial day sales events are just the normal sales rebranded with the rare additional rebate. Nothing special to it or any of the other holiday themed sales. Common myth that they are better

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In your experience, is it better to lease a car during the Memorial weekend or 4th of July?

In a sense- neither. Tax refunds usually cause prices to worsen versus December is the best time due to year end targets. If I had to choose between Memorial Day or July 4. I would bet on Memorial Day. Pricing sucks during the summer from my experience.

My current BMW lease ends on June 19. I’m conflicted whether I should wait to see the June numbers or get it over the Memorial Day weekend. Three cars (loaners) I had in sight got sold this week. Ugh!

I would say if you are looking into 2018 models, the later the better as there might be some inventory liquidation pressure from the manufacturers on dealerships. This is true as the new models (2019) are about to roll in.

Does the end of Q2 affect anything for late June deals?

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