MBFS transfer question

I am transferring my car to someone else through MBFS, we have done the credit application, and also signed and notorized and sent back the documents 3 weeks ago. My transferee is getting cold feet due to covid, at the last stage of transfer, can they still pull out? Would they lose their transfer fee and first payment which they already wrote a cheque for and been deposited to the account.


What did MBFS say when you called and asked them?


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I haven’t called them yet, I just got to know it today, stressing me out till Monday when they are open to call them.

MBFS has been known to be flexible, I’m not sure if that is going to work in your favor or not. I don’t believe they are going to refund the transfer fee.

Thanks!! Would love it to know if someone has a definite knowledge of this problem I am facing

At an unprecedented point in our history, probably nobody has a definite answer. That was my entire point.

I guess more bluntness is required.


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I would also recommend working out exactly what you and the recipient want exactly before you call. So that you can propose it. Then see what MBFS says.

What has the other party signed? If they’ve effectively signed a lease contract then I doubt MBFS will let them out of it now.

She has signed the lease assumption agreement. We sent it out back to MBFS along with all the cheques for transfer fees, first payment, etc. They cash the cheques first to ensure money is there. Then they complete the process which usually takes 3-4 weeks now due to covid. The concern is in, since the processing hasn’t been completed, the other party can pull out.

She is not very professional to be honest and she keeps flip flopping on excuses. It’s really hard to keep a communication going with her as she keeps ignoring texts, etc.

So you’re concerned they will call MBFS and pull out? You don’t want to call MBFS and pull out?

Legally, once MBFS approves the transfer, you’re free. Even if they don’t take the car. In this case, perhaps you want to call MBFS and have them process more quickly. Would this satisfy everyone?

I am sorry if sound stressed. I called them multiple times last week and they say we don’t want to give preference to people during covid breakout, it’s unfair to everyone. MBFS is really horrible to transfer with. My plan is to call Monday and start begging …

Well, what did they tell you is the transfer time? We are in exceptional times, and being fair to all does sound reasonable from a 3rd party point of view.

I am on the timeline to get approved but due to covid, need to wait an extra two weeks as they are running behind.

BMFS clearly states that you need to keep the car in your possession till stage 3 is complete. If there is a dispute or fear that the other party might not be able to complete the process, BMFS will most likely play it safe and err on the side of caution, which means the car stays under your name. especially if the transferee mentioned that they are canceling because they are having some financial problems. The other party will most likely lose the transfer fees because it was a deliberate cancellation not a credit worthiness issue. They might also lose the monthly payment if it was due already when it was paid. Let us know how this is going to play out. I wish you all the best.

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Hi Porsche75,

Please could you give me more details about stage 3?

Actually I am looking to take a lease aver a mercedes and I am confused when I start to be repsonsible for the car and would like to be sure that the car is between my hands once it is actually the case.

I called MBFS to get some informations that may have been partial. They explained that I became owner once, after the papaerwork has been approved, I esign the document they send me.
So, Is the right time to transfer the key from the current owner to the next one when the new owner esign this document ?


I’m not familiar with with MBFS guidelines but for BMWFS stage 3 is when they do the title transfer. now during this stage there is a risk that the car get scratched or dinged while it’s still in the custody of the transferor, so one thing you can do is to ask him to not drive the car after stage 2 is complete (take a screen capture showing the mileage) and you can draw a simple contract that says he will surrender the car in a pristine condition with the extract same mileage. While that will not eliminate the risk completely but it will reduce it quite a bit . Maybe other members and brokers can chime in as well.

Thanks for your advices.
Yes this in-middle time is the most worrisome for the buyer :confused:

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Hi @pytepaul! I actually attempted the lease takeover w/MBFS. My process started around Christmas 2019 - great timing. My experience was HORRIBLE. On the very last day of their review process, and an hour before their “close-of-business hours”, MBFS informed me that they were not going to proceed w/the lease transfer. Unfortunately, I was also in the middle of fighting the flu and really wasn’t that concerned about MBFS. The only explanation received as to why the transfer process was canceled was something along the line of suspecting fraud an account that I don’t even have. They were INCREDIBLY slow to get things done. Long story short, I had to call and request a refund that took about a week or two for them to process … and no MB. Lots of luck!