MBFS - Lease Transfer through Swapalease Denied

Hello guys,

I just moved to Washington and I found a 2018 C43 AMG on Swapalease and applied to MBFS. I also had a cosigner.
My credit score - 720+
I got an email stating they were unable to process my request. What can I do? I have a great job and can very well afford to pay for the lease. Just to be safe I had a cosigner as well.
I obviously should wait for the denial letter to come home. But this is frustrating.

What did I do wrong? or What can I do to make it work?

I think you’d better call MBFS and ask THEM these questions, not random people over the internet :slight_smile: None of us know why exactly MBFS denied you.


FYI I read on other sites that mb transfers are very strict and often get denied

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I wish I knew that before. Any idea how Audi is ?

Only problem I ever read was Mercedes. Ppl were being denied for no reason same as you. I don’t know what your deal is for the c43amg…all I can tell you is those cars do not lease well. So unless the guy was throwing you cash, it may be a blessing in disguise. You can get a brand new m340 for slot cheaper the c43. If you need short term lease I know the s4 is similar to c43. Bmw is the best lease transfer process

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MBFS lease transfers require the transferee to have the same or better credit than the original lessee along with same or better income. Otherwise, it is not worth the risk for them and they have no obligation to approve them.

What a waste of getting a hard hit on my credit.

Inquiries are essentially meaningless.

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They aren’t completely meaningless, but if you’re still looking for something, then any others will be grouped and considered as one.

Also, just because we were denied on a transfer does not mean you will be denied on a new/demo lease. They’ll tend to be less stringent to move a unit.


The only time I’ve seen a single hard inquiry make things difficult was racking one up for a vehicle purchase right before purchasing a home. I haven’t seen it make much of a difference when doing pretty much anything else (opening a new line of credit, buying/leasing a car).

For the mortgage they don’t care about the inquiry itself. They’re concerned about any new debt that may have resulted which might blow your DTI out of the water.

The fact that you had a co-signer kinda feels like you know you needed a safety blanket.

Is your credit light, have you ever had a missed payment on another car loan, etc? You can answer these questions, but MBFS can give better responses than we can.

Hi have a score of about 720. Never missed any payments.

While I would agree that a single inquiry (or a group within 30 days of purchasing a home or car and shopping rates) doesn’t mean much in the general scope of things, one has to consider not everyone has the same credit profile either, so 1 inquiry will mean less to someone who has 30 years of strong credit and an 850 score vs a 22 year old kid with a thin file at 650 that just opened a car loan and is now looking for a credit card.

Ask me how I know. I was 22 once.


There are no absolutes in life, so I am careful to avoid terms like “always” and “never,” and instead gravitate toward words like “generally.”

With that said, there is a pervasive irrational fear of a credit inquiry, which merely tells someone who is looking at your report that you asked someone else to do the same.

People freak out like an inquiry is like a BK or a charge-off or a 30-day late. It’s not. Not even close.

If you have a short history and a thin credit file plus one or more inquiries and you experience a denial, it’s not the inquiry that’s the main culprit anyway.

Yeah, I think as with everything on this site, you gotta take it all with YMMV as a huge disclaimer.

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