MBFS Early trade in

Good Evening Hackrs,

My 2018 C300 lease has 10 payments remaining ($398.18). I’m hoping to get out a bit early and purchase a Tesla (leasing isn’t very attractive on one).

MBFS will not provide me with a payoff since I’m in SC and indicated I have to go to a dealer. I’m trying to determine how underwater I am. I got an offer of $23k from Tesla and $23.6k from Carmax. Couple of questions.

  1. Does anyone know if MBFS allows 3rd party buy outs?

  2. Does anyone know how to roughly calculate payoff? My residual is $22,529 plus I have 10 payments remaining so I thought that the residual + payments might be close but I’ve seen some threads where some manufacturers increase payoffs for other brands dealers.

Few other considerations if I keep until term (December). B service will be required in November, 4 new tires will be needed soon (barely above 5/32 now) and there is a small hole in the rocker panel that will need to be repaired if I turn in ($400-600 maybe?).

Thanks everyone. Appreciate anyone who can offer any advice.

You can get your personal buyout from mbfs directly from the website. Use the big blue button that says “request a payoff quote” (at least I can…)

Since you are trading the vehicle into Tesla towards a retail purchase (and not a lease), you don’t really need to mess around with a 3rd party buyout. The sales tax you will pay on the personal buyout will get credited back to you on the purchase as a reduction of the taxable balance of the new Tesla. The only exception would be if you are in state where there is no sales tax for EV purchase.

Thank you! Tax doesn’t matter much here as it’s 5% but capped at $500 so any auto purchase (or difference from trade value to purchase) over $10k hits the max. So I may take extra from Carmax if allowed…

Yeah they all do now AFAIK. Everything is moot until you know the third party payoff.

Have Carmax or whoever is most convenient call them in front of you.

Guess my buy out is $28,025. That’s unfortunate…

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