MB Lease Maintenace Only at MB Dealer?

Just got a new MB loaner lease and the finance guy went through his routine of trying to upsell the warranty, maintenance packages, etc.

I’m wondering if anyone has the terms of car maintenance on a MB because the finance guy is claiming all MB leases require all maintenance to be done at a MB dealer including oil changes, tires, recommended maintenance in owners manual, etc. Of course he can offer me 3 oil changes for the very low price of $700 amortized into my payments for only $20/month. I asked him if he’s trying to talk me out leasing the car and he claims he’s trying to help me out. I couldn’t find anything in writing that says I HAVE to get oil changes and do all recommended maintenance at a MB dealer. Obviously this would be a huge costs especially when he’s telling me they only charge $250 for an oil change + filter.

I’m wondering if this is true or him trying to sell me a maintenance plan.

I got the service B on my E class serviced at an independent MB shop. I never had issues when I turned it in. As long as you can provide proof of the service being completed you should be cool. Finance guy makes money on the upgrades so not sure if he is being very upfront. Ask them for something in writing if they say it ain’t so.

See if he can bring the cost down a bit more. 500 would be a good deal for all the services. 700 is not bad.

Did the car you got come with any free scheduled maintenance? If so, it makes sense to go to the dealer.

I’m sure the $700 for 3 services included more than oil + filter. Call a dealer’s service department and ask them what they charge for those services per the maintenance book.

Magnuson Moss Warranty Act prohibits a manufacturer from voiding a warranty if you use an independent dealer or non OEM parts. While a company can put anything it wants in a contract, it doesn’t mean its enforceable. While I don’t know for sure, I highly doubt this requirement exists and if it did I question whether it’s enforceable.

How much did it run you at an indipendent? Thinking of doing that for my next service on my E. Wondering how much one saves.

You can take this list to an indie mechanic and get an estimate https://www.mbusa.com/vcm/MB/DigitalAssets/pdfmb/Model_PPM/PPM_Coverage_Chart.pdf

You aren’t required to use the MB dealership to service however those service plans can be discounted and residualized. Our service plans have been 10-15 per month for 36 month lease.

Residualized? Really?

Yes. MB adds it to MSRP.

Wow- that amazes me. Increasing the residual for maintenance, reducing the cost to the lessee for something that doesn’t really increase the value of the car at the end. You get the factory subsidizing your own maintenance!


I haven’t seen them increase the residual but maybe they do that.

It was more than 1/2 the cost of the dealer.

The exception is when the OEM provides the maintenance for free (Toyota, BMW, etc). Then you are required to use it as a condition of maintaining your warranty.