MB lease extensions currently

Anyone know if I can extend my MB lease for more than 6-12 months?

In previous Honda lease, I was able to extend for 6 months right off the bat then another 6 months after that with a simple phone call.

Due to Covid, current lease is way under miles and I don’t think I can find a similar lease anytime soon.

I am sure you can extend but from google searches it seems to be on a month to month basis.

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What did MBFS say when you called and asked about an extension?

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1 month courtesy.

The only way to extend for longer is to have a MB on factory order

I was just able to extend my current Mercedes lease for two months…

I was hoping to extend the lease for six months…

FYI…I do not have another Mercedes on order…I’m waiting for a new body W206 C43… Mercedes is currently not taking orders for the W206 yet…

Usually orders are fully refundable… if yoy go that route order something in a popular color/option so dealer is happy to take back the inventory and can quickly move it.

Will follow up with mbfs and let you know

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If you defer lease payment does the lease get extended by that many months?

Typically no: for most COVID deferrals, the disposition date did not change, but
the deferred payments would be due at disposition.

MB iirc didn’t have a blanket policy, they just said to call or login to see what they could do, and a few months into the pandemic offered deferred first payment on new leases.

You just owe all the money your deferred at the end of the lease

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I asked the question because I saw this in the MBFS FAQ section (COVID-19 | Mercedes-Benz Financial Services):

When you defer your MBFS loan payment, your contract maturity date extends by the same number of months that you defer (e.g. one month deferral results in one month contract maturity date extension)

I guess the doc is not update?

My lease is up on 7/5. Unfortunately MB will only agree to extend for one, perhaps two months, which means I will have to pay $417 to cover the car’s registration for 1 year but only get 1~2 months of use. Has anyone been successful in getting a longer extension?

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