MB GLS Costco inventive $7k

Got this email today.
Doesn’t it make palatable?
Don’t need it and definitely not my price range but can peak someone into trying get a better deal on it.

so this is separate from the dealer discount?

No it’s some bs. I think there is a 5k from Mercedes and the real additional value you get is actually only $500.

No clue. Need to brush up how it worked couple of years ago with Chevy frenzy.

it’s a $1,500 Costco card, not $500.

Not what I was saying. The $5500 they are claiming is $500 from Costco $5000 is from Mercedes and has no bearing on Costco. Yes there is a $1500 Costco card in addition to this.

I think this month costco counts like corporate ($5500) which is basically $500 more than general public. But the $1500 cash card is added value compared to just using corporate incentive.

If only someone could test a theory if you can get dealership discount + this $5,500

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Dealer discount isn’t contingent on anything, it just depends on how much the dealer wants to discount.

In the Tri State Area, you should be able to get at least 10% off MSRP + $5k Fleet on these vehicles. With the MY2020 hitting the lot soon, I am sure some dealers would be willing to go even deeper.

I got the same offer earlier this week. Basically $7k off MSRP for the 2019 models which they want to clear out.

It is a great starting point but I am certain most hackers can do better if this is being mass emailed. Agree with NMJJ.

sorry for bringing up an old thread, but has anybody gotten a GLS back in sept/oct was able to get their costco cash card?

I got mine back in oct and its now been 5 months and yet to get the costco gift card, everytime I call them, they make up some bs excuse like MB hasnt verified or MB did not give them the money.

Also manager never calls back as they promised…