MB GLE 350 Prepaid maintenance and "care" plan

I have a question about prepaid maintenance and Mercedes care plan for 2020 GLE 350 4MATIC. I was offered:

  1. $35/month prepaid maintenance plan for 35 months (3 year lease/12K miles) to cover service A, B and A
  2. $30/month “care plan” that covers tires, dent, cracks, etc. I was told that with 12K per year, it’s likely that I’d need to replace tires which will be covered by this.

Any feedback on above two packages? I read a few posts in forums. It seems that prepaid package is good for lease but I wonder if $35/month is too expensive. I’m not sure about the “care plan” but I’d love to get feedback as well.

Thanks in advance.

You just posted this in another thread less than an hour ago.