MB GLC300 2017 Lease w/high discount. Is the MF too high?

I am looking to lease a custom order 2017 MB GLC300 in northern CA.

The sales manager was able to offer the below:

MSRP: $45,105
Sale Price: $40,594
MF: .00152
RV: 59%
Down: $0
Term: 36 month

The monthly comes out to $524 a month including tax. Does this seem like a good deal? I feel the MF is a bit high. and when I asked about making multiple deposits, he said 5 deposits is the maximum MB can do, but I would not be able to do MSD on this vehicle because the MF is already lowered from the standard rate of .00225. Is that correct?

Am I getting the best deal here?

Your dealer is full of it. Mercedes-Benz allows 10 MSDs. I have successfully, as have others, applied MSDs to non standard money factors.

For ref:
I have a colleague of mine who lease GLC 300 with MSRP of about 51,000 with 3400 down for $450 from Van nuys Dealership.

I tried pushing back on the MSDs, but he wouldn’t budge. Should I walk away from this offer?

If the only thing holding you back is the MSDs, you could tell him that you’re confident he is incorrect on the issue, and if he’s willing to verify that for you then you would be willing to move forward.

Also, watch out for other non essential stuff he might throw in to make up for the lowered MF

Thanks for the feedback every one!

This is insane – there has to be somebody else there that you can talk to that knows the maximum MSDs for the “normal” MB program (available to everybody!!) is 10

MSRP: $50,760
Sale Price: $48,000
MF: .00238 (This seems absurd?)
RV:$30,184.65 (Not sure on the % - Is my math right @ 63%?)
Down: $3,000 (Sales person couldn’t tell me where this money was being dumped)
Term: 36 month
Pmt: $741.84

Hey all - New to the Forum. Gut tells me, right off the bat, that this is a bad Lease. I know that the MF on the GLC300 AWD right now should be .00148. Told him I wanted to do MSD with MBF and Auto Pay. Though I have a feeling those haven’t been factored into this deal?

He also suggested a 1pay, instead of MSD. Buy down with 1pay is .00080

Help? :slight_smile: haha

Original post: MSRP $45.1k / monthly $524 or 1.16% of msrp
One month later: MSRP $50.7k / monthly 742 or 1.46% of msrp

I’m bad at math but someone maybe worse lol

kidding aside my guess is it started as a bad deal to a worse one…than again I’m a noob

I’m not the OP. Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I just replied to a thread that already had details about the vehicle I’m looking at.

A $741 payment on a 50k GLC300 is a terrible lease (made even worse by the $3,000 down). Admittedly, I have been told that the GLC300 sells quite well in the NorthEast (suburban Philadelphia specifically) so dealers may be much less willing to deal too much. If they are only taking 2k off the MSRP, then I would think you would do much better to look at other options from say BMW, Infinity, Lexus as you can lease great cars of similar size from all of those manufacturers for significantly less than $741 a month with 3k down.