MB GLC 300 lease - Illinois

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I got this link from a local MB dealer in Chicagoland. I know I am missing the residual and the MF. But any suggestions just based on the screenshot?


Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 4.30.47 PM|690x341

Welcome back. You know the answer to your question. How do you feel about a 5.4% discount and $99 garbage add-on?

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If you want your salesperson to ghost you, you can counter with:
$43,500 at 0.00108 MF
Plus conditional incentives you qualify for (loyalty, etc).

Thanks, I was thinking to ask for a 15% discount, but I guess I will now use your numbers :slight_smile:

Are you in Chicago proper or just the general area? Leasing tends to not make much financial sense if you’re in Chicago proper due to the double taxes.

Around the Naperville area…

As someone who has recently (within 45 days) shopped the GLC 300 in the Chicagoland area, all the quotes are garbage. I was looking at LeaseCompanions thread in the MD area and considering flying out and driving back but I decided to go a different route. He has a bunch of nice loaners at pretty reasonable prices ($450 and under). I think it’s worth checking out:


@Jim1983 What was the best pre-incentive discount (hopefully at the buy rate MF) you were offered?

Am also in the market. I don’t think you can get 15%. 9% offered by brokers here is the best in market.

Hey Jim, That is very helpful! I am guessing you were able to purchase your wheels here in IL…

Still looking (currently at Tundras) for the next ride.

I didn’t save the quotes but they weren’t great. I think MB in Peoria had a pretty solid discount (just over 10%) but I had to wade through the usual BS to get there. Nobody in the Chicagoland area wanted to deal (“There is no inventory…this is a popular car” etc). They were right, which sucks.

I just decided I didn’t want to pony up for a GLC 300 right now.

Just thought I would chime in. I was offering 15% off with buy rate MF on GLC300 up until last week and now our area is now experiencing inventory shortages. We should be able to get back to those numbers when things pick up.

On demos I have them listed at 20.9% off the MF is 40 basis points marked up. Offering the extra .9 percent to help offset.

GLEs are the worst with ~20 listed in the DC area on cars.com


Happy to wait! I am not desperate for one.

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Of course understandable!

I was so excited with July! I put so many Hackrs into GLCs, C43s, C300s, E350s all at 15% off! It was a great month and I look forward to bringing these amazing deals to LH.


@kishore I just signed one at 14% off today. It’s possible.

Really🙊Can you please PM dealer details

Hi. Would you mind sharing where?

So cal. Multiple dealers would have matched the quote. If you’re in socal I can give you a heads up.

For proper comparison, MuMu was at 11% pre-incentive, 14% post-incentive

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Thanks. I thought he meant 14% pre-incentive.