MB GLA 250 4 Matic Lease - know can get better but how

Las Vegas - trying to figure if have a good deal - looking to pull trigger tomorrow

2016 GLA 4 Matic lease - $43k MSRP - 13% off to get to selling price 37k

  • 599 doc, 165 lic., no tax, $295 other fee, and 795 acquisition
    (I also have a USAA fleet certificate $1500 off not even mentioned yet in negotiation)

MF = .0016 to .0020 ($0 down and/or MSD yet)
Residual = 63% of MSRP
36/10k program

Do I have a good MF? National ad seems to suggest .00075 MF on base model w/ MSRP, pmt, etc.
(Don’t think I miscalculated but tell me if I did)
Also, does USAA also have fleet MF I can use and/or will they take cert after negotiating to this price
Any suggestions for how to go about doing that?

Thanks for any advice