MB EQS bumper chrome trim damage - fix myself or wait till lease end?

Hi hackers - help me what to do next? Bumper damage - I backed up on a low wall. Was dark and didn’t see it. Need advise if I should buy the part off ebay? Around $150… and install myself, I am just not sure if I have to remove the whole bumper… or just wait till lease end and have it inspected. If deals are still good by April next year (date of maturity of my EQS) - will probably lease a new EQS/EQE.

Photos attached
for reference.

Might as well wait and see if they even plan on charging you for it, I would be surprised if they don’t, but you never know.

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Your in ny, that might slide, i know scratches on bumpers are covered in new york

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According to MBUSA it will pass if it’s smaller than a credit card. You’re fine.

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IMHO, the lease return charge should be less than your Deductible + CLUE report raise

Thanks for your input. Do you not recommend me just buying the part and try to install it myself?

Thanks - but I’m just worried this is not considered a scratch cause a part of the trim fell off as you can see there is a gap.

I would just hold off, unless it bothers you. You might get another car in future and the other party will take your car as is, as long as you make a deal

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Most companies use the golfball/credit card rule for scratches / dents.

  • If smaller than golf ball (continuous scratches) then it’s free
  • If its smaller than a credit card , then small fee
  • If bigger than a credit card then HUGE fee.

Yours looks small, but I see it going down the air dam, so it might be larger than a CC

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Might as well, I’m sure it’s just clipped on.