MB E300 Lease with CPO?

Hey guys,

I found something very unusual. I have been talking to a dealer who has a E300 P3 that I am interested in. MSRP of 73k. The car currently has 9.3k miles on it so almost to the point they can’t lease anymore (Over 10k, you can’t lease the car).

Here’s the catch: They are telling me the car is already certified. I said that would mean that I can no longer lease it but they are telling me that’s not true and are ready to draw the paperwork up.

This doesn’t make sense to me because if the car is certified, it’s not considered new anymore and MB can’t lease the car anymore (or so I thought). Can anyone correct me or tell me what’s going on? This doesn’t make sense and I think the dealer is full of shit. It’s either no certified and can be leased under 10k miles, or they already certified it at 9k miles and can’t be leased anymore.

That was my understanding too, but I believe @nyclife said he did a deal where the loaner was CPO’d, but was leasable as new still too. If the dealer writes up the paperwork and the RV looks right, go for it.

Right, because you don’t know what they can and cannot do? What do you care if they can lease it as long as you get the same terms as new/non-CPO? Just go and see what they give you.

Then why certify it? If it’s a “new” car, there’s not a reason to certify it.

You are overthinking. Who cares what they do with their cars as long as you get what you want, right?
9k miles is a lot, so CPO doesn’t hurt, anyway.

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Cpo is a good thing if the lease goes through. Don’t fight this! 73k msrp. Does it have the real leather interior with diamond stitching??

I am not complaining that it’s CPO’ed but rather questioning why is it CPO’ed early? This costs the dealership money and I just want to make sure they didn’t do it because there was a previous issue with it. Either wya it would be covered under warranty but just wanted to know.

Yes it does, it literally has all the packages you could imagine and it’s a great car with a great color combo. I’ll be going tomorrow to see what we can do with the numbers.

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Haha ya I have only seen 2 e300 with that package but it looks amazing.

Every MB dealer I have spoken with in the last few months has offered CPO vehicles for lease. Now the question is, are they eligible for all of the new car incentives (the dealers I spoke with seemed to include those all in their pricing, but I would guess the finance guy could mess with numbers in the back to close the deal).

Im in NYC and work for Mercedes, are you still looking for a E300 Lease, I can work magic text me 917-624-6688

Work magic? Can you accept MSDs?

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I think he was saying he can do cool things like make rabbits appear out of top hats :tophat::rabbit: and quarters disappear in your ear while you sign paperwork.

Wait why is this payment so high?

Look I just made this quarter disappear in your ear!

So you can’t do msd in ny?

Watch this fuzzy rabbit pop out of this top hat!


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Dealer took off a whole 4k off the MSRP on the E300 CPO’ed with 9.3k miles. Took of 6k off a brand new E300 with the same MSRP and same year, just diff color. I couldn’t process that so I had to leave :joy:

On a demo warranty starts from the date the car was marked as demo so you might have lost a year of warranty plus 10000 miles. They CPOed it so that you get another 10-12k miles plus 12 month of warranty.
You should check that with the dealer, timewise you might still get less warranty than a new car. Make sure it is still under warranty when you return it.

Most of the demo cars I see here are cpod and pried accordingly to reflect that. Those that are not are cheaper. One dealer dud mention they can sell s car they advertised as cpo without the certification and knock offs some money because it was put in service just 6 months ago and the factory warranty would go until the end of lease term.

One thing I’ve learned with demo cars is essentially Dealers can make their own rules on what they can or rather what they are willing to do.

My recently leased Loaner 2017 E300 was CPO and I was still able to get a hefty discount (a little over 22% off MSRP, car had over 8K miles on it). I had read on here how CPO vehicles couldn’t be leased so I was pleasantly surprised that this car could be. Without the CPO the factory warranty would have expired 2 months before the lease term ended.

How long was your lease term? I thought MBs had 48 month warranty, so if you leased a 10 month old one for 36 months it would still be under warranty.

36 month lease. Car was placed into service June 2016 and my lease ends Sept 2020. Factory warranty is 48 months.

There is also mileage at play. 3 years x 15 k + 5k or more miles and you are over, even with 48 months warranty.

Yeah, I recognize the mileage issue, just didn’t know they would lease a vehicle already in service as a loaner for 14 months.