MB disposition and pull ahead

Hello Experts,
Leased my first vehicle (MB-C300) with great help from this forum. You guys are awesome. Wanted to know a couple of things from your experience before thinking about the next ride

  1. Havent been contacted yet by MB for any pull ahead but if they do, does it take care of the remaining payments(3,4 etc) and disposition fee?
  2. If I opt for the pull ahead program, is it limited to certain vehicles and the same dealership? Im thinking of GLC this time. Might opt for X3 aswell.
  3. I leased a loaner from a neighboring state (4 hr drive) and they only gave me one key. They said they would ship out the other one but the salesperson switched jobs and no longer works there. I have this scenario documented. If I turn the car in to the dealership nearby, would this be an issue?
  1. They will waive 3 payments and disposition fee
  2. You are limited to what the return dealers inventorie. You can go from C class to GLC without issues
  3. You can’t return your car to a different dealer. The dealer that you are going to buy your car from has to ground the vehicle when you sign contracts

Thank you Calvin. When you mention I cant return to a different dealership, is this because of the missing Key or thats always the case?

That is always the case. You return the car to the same brand. There are exceptions to this (like if you return a Honda say, for example, to Conicelli Toyota and then they bring it to Conicelli Honda. Same dealer group is what I’m getting at

My bad. I meant a different MB dealership. Especially for the missing key that I dont have

To confirm, any MB dealer can take it back?

I have 8 payments left on a GLE… I feel like the pull ahead will limit my leverage to score an awesome deal - is that a fair assessment? I have no issue keeping it until maturity if it will work out to a better deal on my future car.

Also, feel like there won’t be many unicorns in GLE land until the redesigned model has been available for at least a year, so I might be rolling into an X5 come December anyways. Love a Land Rover Discovery, but I doubt they’ll ever lease as strong as the X5.

How strict are they with their lease returns also? I have 2 kids with car seats in it. No permanent damage, but the seats have some imprints on them from the car seats, I can get it mostly looking like new. Car was also swiped by a Fed Ex truck, I had to have it painted on the entire left side. My last return was an Infiniti, it was in okay shape - when the guy came, I had a sandwich, some coffee, sweets, etc ready for the inspector - we shot the shit together, he took a brief look and left me with a $0 waiver, hoping the same with MB.

So yes any MB dealer can take it back. It doesn’t matter that you are missing the key because the dealer DOES NOT charge you for damages. It is the lessor aka Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

You will be rolling 5 payments into a new lease so that will clearly impact your ability to get a good deal. MB only covers 3. So wait until you are 3 months out (and pray they are offering it then) or wait until maturity

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Similar situation here; First time leaser with a MB lease maturing in a few months.

How do most people handle the disposition fee?

  1. Just pay the fee and try and get a new lease
  2. Try to lease a new car (any brand) 1-2 months before maturity and trade in the current lease to avoid disposition.
  3. Try to negotiate a new lease with the same brand (MB in this case)
  4. Lease at the same dealer (hard for me since mine is from out of state)

Also what if MB contacts for pull ahead and we find somebody on this forum for another MB during that period? Is there a time frame we have to get back to MB with our decision?