MB 2017 E300 with P1 and Sport Package

2017 E300 Polar White/Black Gore Tex and Wood inside
P1 Package
Burmeister Surround Sound System
Sport Package with 18inch AMG wheels
Wheel locking bolts
Rear Deck Spoiler
Comfort Box
3 year lease
12K miles a year
3 year maintenance package

No Security Deposit
$2330 drive off but they will let me use my Amex platinum MB 1K coupon so actually only $1330 drive off.

Is this a good deal?

Seems decent. Would be better if you applied 10 MSDs. I leased a 2017 E300 P2 ($63,675) in December for $585 per month with just first month payment and MSDs due at signing. With the $1,000 voucher, you should be able to do even better. With MSDs and the voucher, depending on your sales tax rate, 550 per month on a P2 would be obtainable.

You need msrp sales price, rv, mf, etc for proper deal evaluation.

Backing into it, his cap cost is probably a bit less than 53k assuming base money factor and 8% sales tax.

You’re absolutely right about the MSD. A 6K MSD would have pushed the payment down to $514/month.

Unfortunately I don’t have it on hand.

If you are set on the E300 (we really like ours), verify that you are getting base money factor and base acquisition fee (they can mark it up by $300) and the dealer hasn’t added in any non-standard fees. Other than that, your only avenue is to see if you can get a slightly bigger discount. FWIW, I got 15%, and you appear to be at about 12% discount, so you may be able to negotiate another $1,000-1,500 off.

It is hard to answer your question “is this a good deal?” if you don’t have the numbers. @Jason_B kind of backed into it but everything is a guess.

One of the easiest checks is to see if $588/mo (including tax) is less than 1% of MSRP with $0 down (36/10k) so we can’t even check that. With MB, you should be able to get way better than that. If this car is $70k, then it is a good deal. If this car is $60k, then it is an OK deal … but hard to tell

If it’s P1 should be around 59k.

I leased my 2017 e class with amg sport package. Car was priced at 56k, rolled in 1200 negative equity. Negotiated msrp to 49k including my corporate Verizon wireless discount 36/12k a year. 0 down 628 a month. Just transferred out of the car after 3 months of owning it because it wasn’t my style.

Seems solid - MSDs is he way to go though. I wish I could get this on the wagon, but there is no lease support for them. Same model in estate would be about $750/mth ++