Mazda ditching JPMorgan Chase for TFS

Mazda and Toyota seems to do a lot together these days. The joint development behind the BRZ / FR-S, Toyota selling the Mazda 2 in the US as the Toyota Yaris, and trying to build a new plant in Alabama together. Now it looks like all the leases will go through TFS instead of Chase starting next year.

Does this mean any meaningful changes for lease hackers? I don’t see it having too much impact, but I’m sure I could be missing something.


Possibly some MSDS? :slight_smile:


This is interesting. TFS doesn’t have GAP standard, so I guess that would also apply to Mazdas?

Seems like Mazda will continue to lease poorly as TFS will have no incentive to help Mazda sell cars by inflating RV’s or having aggressive MF.

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Toyota’s just getting in bed with everyone these days…heh.


Mazda leases through Chase have GAP included and a damage waiver of $1,000, which is nice. On the downside, Mazda leases through Chase cannot be transferred. Wonder how this will all change.

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Toyota’s collaboration on the BRZ/FR-S is with Subaru, not Mazda.


Augh you are correct and I’m an idiot.

That was Subaru (also uses Chase as their captive) and Toyota. Very interesting though, thanks for sharing!

Still better than making/destroying another Scion

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Heard from a friend that Mazda switched away from using Chase as their main lender. Toyota FS has stepped in and filled their shoes.

Chase is known be a non-transferable lender. Anyone know if new leases underwritten by TFS are now transferable?

Edit: Looks like official switch over will be Q2 2020

Thanks LHers!

This probably mean anything with a breath can buy/lease Mazda now? Chase is quite strict.
Wonder if poor market performance of brand new Madzda3 has anything to do with this