Mazda CX90 PHEV premium plus Lease | Good or bad

how is the deal

2024 mazda cx 90 PHEV premium plus
market selling price 59245
discount 4388
rebate 7500
adjusted price 47357
total purchase 48006
taxable fee 650
doc fee 769
tax 267
non tax fee 220
Residual value = $37490

Down payment $1000
33 months / 10k miles 650.97 per month

is it good deal?

Also, dealer is asking to get GAP coverage for $35 per month… Shall i get the gap coverage as well?

I think you can do better based on what I’m seeing in signed. Couple questions, do you know what the mf is also is there a benefit in the residual for a 33 month vs 36?

my local Mazda dealer offered the 7500 ( govt rebate) the cx 90 phev for lease. Just trying to understand if there is any catch, like raise the price etc…

Pls let me know your thoughts of going for lease option in general ( as I have never did it before) and cx 90 phev choice etc…

I appreciate your help

The 7500 is forced by them, you need to get another discount on top of that, like the thread here got $4388 extra.
Another way is to join for $95 and get the Mazda S-Plan discount (I do not know how much it is, you have to call the dealer and ask)