Mazda cx3 and cx5

Hey guys. Just curious if these are good deals? It’s lower the kbb average. It also seems lower monthly than what I’m getting when I plug in the numbers so not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly.

MSRP 22635
Minus $750 rebate = 21885
Sale price 20250
money factor is .00001
RV is $13,128
36m 10k
$0 down $228 or 1k for $199

MSRP 26425
Minus $500 rebate = 25925
Sale price 24850
money factor is .00001
RV is $15,327
36m for 10k
$0 down $270 or 1k for $242

You should be looking for 9-10% off MSRP before any rebates. These do not look like great deals based on that assumption.

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Is this doable with mazda?

In my experience with Mazda it wasn’t. I heavily shopped the CX-5 and maxed out at 6-7% off MSRP.

I have done 9+ cars in SoCal at 10% off before any rebates. I guess it depends on area.

Yeah I’ve been trying to read deals on the forum and this seemed low but no crazy deals that I was able to find…

Any great deals on the CX3 or CX5 in SoCal this month? Been getting quotes of around $199+ tax with $2k drive off