Mazda Cx3 2017 Lease ( First time buyer)

Hey guys I am a first time leaser looking to lease a Mazda CX3 AWD touring model for 2-3 years. I was originally considering the 2016 CX3 but I love the moon-roof addition. Anyway, I plan to start emailing dealers tomorrow to get quotes and such, I have read and saved most of the guides that I’ve been able to find on here and plan to utilize them to the max during the negotiation process. The only thing is I would just like some advice as to what is a good lease on a Mazda CX3 AWD 2017. I am aiming for:
24-36 month lease depending on which payment is lower or cheaper in the long run
12k miles minimum
AWD sporting model
aiming to keep monthly payments low
zipcode: 12209 Albany NY but will be emailing dealers in the NYC area also, zip code there is 11236.

I really appreciate any response, advise I can get. thank you guys for your time and assistance on this.

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