Mazda cx-9 Touring good deal?

Hello All,
Here is an offer I got on a mazda CX-9 Touring in Red after a bit of haggling.
MSRP: 38,350
Selling Price: 35,979 (6% off)
MF: 0.00047
MN Tax: 7.13%
Incentives: 1840
36 months, 12k miles.
zip: 55344

True 0 down with taxes: 394/month.
Updated: 380/month.

The dealer said this is the best he can do, there are only 2 more dealers with the same color and I have contacted them to beat this offer.

Update 1: Another dealer contacted me with 384/month and asking me to commit.
Update 2: first dealer came back with 380/mo and wants me to commit.
Update 3: both dealers are now at 380/mo
Update 4: Dealer 1 threw in free oil changes for 2yrs (roughly ~$400 or should I not factor that?)


What’s the residual value?

61% for 12k miles…

Both dealers are now at 380/mo now.
Right now at 7% off msrp.
Should I press more?

Not sure where you are based on zip, or if the deals can be replicated but these have come up in the market place.

I have seen $320 + driveoff’s.

Higher MSRP as well.

The zip is in Minnesota.

@Jesuscookies Thanks for the link. It seems to be for 10k with taxes and some upfronts.
I changed the calc on there to reflect 0 down and I’m at 392. Considering it with the higher MSRP its a good deal at 392/mo everything in.

Besides being in MN, its slightly hard to find dealers to play ball.

@nyclife is mine a good deal at 380/month on a 38,350 red CX-9 Touring ?

I got the same momthly quote in nj for a touring w premium pkg. The msrp was roughly +2k over yours. I have an additional $750 loyalty incentive plus sales tax slightly lower.

@MarkMill Thanks. I think I’ll press them a little bit more.
Was it 380/mo for 12k miles or 10k?

Dealer 1 threw in free oil changes for 2yrs (roughly ~$400 or should I not factor that?)

@gvrayden. My offer was/is for 36/12. I’m coming off a 24/12 cx5 so my quote has +$750 loyalty and slightly lower nj tax rate factored in.

We followed the schedule Mazda advised and used the dealer for maintenance. Don’t have paperwork in hand but oil change + tire rotations were $75 a pop and one maintenance visit was close to $250 when they “suggest” you change all the filters and some other BS. Think that was the 15k service.

For what it’s worth, we had our pre-inspection for lease return last week. Inspector estimated $500 in repairs which is well under Mazda Caps forgiveness allowance. No idea if dealer maintenance is factored into formula but it felt good not to have any hidden fees. FYI, the car was not babied and had plenty of small scratches and a cracked rear bumper from parallel parking in Brooklyn ny.

Hope that helps. I think your deal is a good one and considering multiple offers at similar price feels like you might be at a threshold. Why don’t you ask about the premium pkg pricing and see what happens to pricing if you get those features?

Yep, I’m planning to do that. Will see what they see.

Hey ! Did you get the 380/month offer?
Could you pm me the dealership for the offer ?

Just to close out the thread, waited for the end of the month to get a good deal.
Ended up getting a mazda CX-9 touring AWD.
MSRP: 37,755
monthly: 355 incl. taxes and fees.
0 sign and drive.


would you have the dealer name

Just sent you in PM…

Thats a nice deal. Is it 36/12? What is the money factor?

Yes, 36/12k.
RV is 61% and MF at 0.00047

congrats, it looks like you persevered and finally got the nice deal you were after!
would you mind sharing the dealer/salesperson details?
thanks, enjoy the ride!

Thanks! Sent you in PM…

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would also love to see the dealer… or at least the general region.